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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials 

“When I enrolled in IUPS, I expected that having a doctorate would change my life for the better in many ways, mostly in terms of how the outside world would look at me — and it has! What I did not expect is how profoundly my life changed internally. I have undergone a transformation. Before my degree, I always relied on what others had to say and paraphrased to suit my taste.  Since doing the original research and becoming an expert in my field, I now am my own source of information. I have a confidence that is founded on solid reality. Hardly a day that goes by where I don’t have a moment of gratitude for the opportunity I have had to study and pursue a degree at IUPS.” 
  - Patti Taylor, Ph.D.
The graduate program offered at IUPS allowed me to customize my course of study to fit my individual interests, and the flexibility of the program fit well into my existing work schedule and commitments. The dissertation process was more than a completion of a significant milestone in my life — it was a very deep right of passage that helped me experience a profound connection to my inner self and the contribution I am making to the evolution of human consciousness.” 
“My dissertation work led to a therapy for treating addictions, alcoholism, and eating disorders, and I have reported on this work at various professional conferences. As part of this work, I developed a protocol for teaching emotion regulation (Affect Management Skills Training, AMST), and two months after getting the Ph.D. I signed a contract with Norton to write a book detailing AMST skills. I now have a business giving workshops to teach AMST and therapy derived from it. I look forward to mentoring students at IUPS so that I can give back what IUPS and Dr. Katz have given to me.”

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