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A Message From Our Chancellor

The establishment of a university that offers the traditional values as a learning center for students, a preserver and disseminator of knowledge, and a center of research that benefits the planet scientifically and humanely is, in itself, a challenging task. To enhance these values with a transpersonal orientation (the integration of cognitive, affective, physiological and spiritual dimensions) amplifies this challenge.
There is also the task of utilizing a relatively nontraditional yet highly respected distance learning delivery system ("university without walls") that allows students to remain at home and continue their present employment, family and/or other responsibilities. Through recent technological advances it is now possible to have group conferences, student advisement and technical support, access to worldwide libraries, guest faculty presentations and discussions, etc., wherever the student might be located on this globe.

We are committed to being on the cutting edge of education, and to this end, we are proud to announce our groundbreaking doctoral programs in Professional Coaching & Human Development. This new program will serve existing coaches seeking mastery of their profession, counselors and therapists looking to transition into the burgeoning field of coaching, and others interested in developing a solid career in coaching. The Professional Coaching & Human Development Ph.D. program will take existing coaches to the next level and prepare those new to the field with the necessary foundation and skills to have the greatest potential to succeed.

Having been on the faculty of many universities for the past 45 years, a department chairperson (University of Nevada) and director of a graduate psychology program (Antioch University), I intend to utilize my skills, connections and experience to provide a challenging, relevant and flexible academic program to meet the needs of motivated students, and join with our highly qualified faculty to bring about a greater global consciousness.

Irv S. Katz, Ph.D.
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