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 Master's and Doctorate Degrees

International University of Professional Studies is a nonprofit institution of higher education with programs oriented to graduate level studies, continuing education and research. However, advanced standing, Bachelor level degree applicants may be considered. Students have the option to apply for a Master's degree (M.A.), Doctorate degree (Ph.D.), or a combined Master's and Doctorate degree.

Master's Degrees require a Bachelor's Degree plus 45 graduate units including: 

  • A thorough knowledge of one or more subject areas

  • A knowledge of research methods

  • Demonstrated skills in one's chosen field(s) of study

  • A research thesis or project of significance

Doctorate Degrees require a Master's Degree plus 90 graduate units including:

  • A complete mastery of the subject area and knowledge of scholarly literature

  • A working knowledge of appropriate research methods

  • A dissertation, new and original knowledge, and creative expression in a field of study


Advanced learners

  • Individuals with proven independent study and subject area work experience may qualify for concurrent programs leading to a joint Master's/Doctorate Degree.

Length of Study

Time to complete any degree program varies according to the learner's background knowledge and experience as well as the pace they set for themselves. Term limits for length of study:

  • M.A.             3 years

  • Ph.D.           4 years

  • M.A./Ph.D.   5 years

Foreign Students

  • Degree programs can be done in any language provided you or the University can locate a qualified mentor/faculty member with expertise in both language and subject area.

Graduation Caps
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