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Stuart Heller, Ph.D., earned his B.A. in mathematics, M.S. in operations research,  Ph.D in psychology, as well as sixth degree black belts in two different martial arts. He is also certified in hypnosis and as a teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique. He is acknowledged as a true master of Qi Gong and Qi Healing, and was a scholarship student with Alvin Ailey’s American Dance Theatre.


His specialty is helping individuals and teams develop the habits and versatility necessary to meet the changes they face, to upgrade their ability to communicate effectively under pressure, and to rapidly acquire the skills and perceptions necessary to accomplish their visions, goals, and desires.

“You are the first organization you must master” is the cornerstone of his approach. He believes and can demonstrate that underneath most all of the particular issues we face is a more fundamental dilemma, that we spend most of our time off-center and stuck in old patterns.


Dr. Heller has developed a simple and powerful learning technology for recovering center in the midst of intensity, change, and stress that creates the leverage for making concrete, lasting, and rapid changes in our habits (a.k.a., automatic pilot or personal bureaucracy).


He has worked with executives and teams in organizations as diverse as: Apple Computer, NutraSweet, Cobra Golf, American Management Systems, The Produce Exchange, World Bank, The Los Angeles Police Academy, Harvard Community Health Plan, as well as doing leadership development work in Russia. He has developed a year-long program entitled Human Systems and Leadership Development for NASA Systems Engineers.


In the early 1980’s Dr. Heller co-founded the first accredited master’s program in Clinical Holistic Health Education at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, CA. People often say that Dr. Heller gives word and form to what they have always known or felt but could not verbalize. He is adept at making the profound and subtle become tangible and practical.


He is the author of Retooling on the Run: Real Change for Leaders with No Time (with David Surrenda) and The Dance of Becoming: Living Life as a Martial Art. His article, “An I Ching of the Body” was published in Who am I? Psychological Types for Self-Discovery. In addition, he has designed a 30 minute videotape, Exercising for Versatilitythat is the foundation for a whole new standard in multimedia training tools.


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