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Duanita G. Eleniak, PhD. is a registered art therapist (both in Canada and the United States), a registered clinical social worker, a philosopher of consciousness studies, an educator and an author. 

Dr. Eleniak is Program Director for the Masters in Clinical Psychology: Art Therapy program at the Adler University in Vancouver BC Canada. In her private practice, Dr. Eleniak specializes in creative forms of healing in the areas of trauma (sexual abuse, death, loss, divorce, accidents, medical issues), mental health issues (anxiety, depression) and transformational counseling. 


As an artist, Dr Eleniak enjoys working with clay, iconography, and fabric art. Her research into the area of the role of the arts in the transformation of consciousness included training in a fine arts diploma program for acting. 


She is author of The Role of the Arts in the Shifting of Consciousness and Be the Change, which was in the top 10% of spiritual author entries from around the world in the 2010 Next Top Spiritual Author competition. Her podcasts, blog, publications, and articles can be found on


Dr. Eleniak is committed to opening avenues for people to experience the healing power of images both on a personal level and in the arena of social action.


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