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Degree Program Highlights

Program Highlights

International University of Professional Studies offers many benefits to those interested in pursuing Master's and Doctorate degrees. Here are just a few of the features that our students and graduates appreciate:

  • Credit is given for prior learning that is degree related and conforms to the standards of the Council on Post Secondary Accreditation. As a result, credit is recognized for life experience, work experience, independent reading and study, travel, personal accomplishments, conferences, seminars, trainings, equivalency exams, media presentations, transfer credits from other institutions and formal courses sponsored by employer and associations.

  • Credit granted by the University for prior learning may result in lower tuition costs.

  • Flexible, self-paced, individually designed academic and professional programs without residence requirements. There is no need to leave one's family or work location to earn a degree.


  • Learning is through guided independent study and interactive communication with faculty and other resources, using computers (e-mail, bulletin boards, video-conferencing, courses, etc.), faxes, audio and video tapes, workbooks, television courses, reading assignments, and personal meetings.


  • Particular attention is given to the utilization of university libraries, and courses can often be partially fulfilled by attending relevant retreats, seminars, conferences, workshops and extension programs.


  • Highly qualified faculty and professional education planners assist in the design and preparation of each learner's Academic Study Plan. Our balanced education process results in academic advancement, opportunities for personal development and practical skills application.


  • Low tuition costs compared to other quality degree institutions through reduced capital outlay for classrooms and contract faculty, as well as efficient administrative operations. With low tuition most people find it unnecessary to take out a loan. 


  • Time to earn a degree varies and is based on the time required to demonstrate knowledge of the subject and complete the research required.  Work at your own pace.

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