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Student and Faculty Testimonials


"I came to a point in my own academic career where it was vital that I found a graduate program which allowed for a unique involvement with exactly those areas of study that I was longing to engage with. Not just any University was going to do. After an exhaustive search - including quite a bit dialogue with students and faculty at other institutions - I made the decision to enroll at IUPS. In my experience, the journey at IUPS was one that not only engaged critical thinking, research, and analysis, but also something a bit more mysterious - those deeper areas of heart and psyche that were so important to me. In this sense, IUPS served as a core aspect of my own individuation process and not merely as an external institution where I could seek an academic degree. Weaving together the sort of independent study that was so rich and alive for me - with caring, supportive, and insightful mentoring - IUPS was able to meet my needs (and much more) for an education that was oriented in the wholeness of the human person. 


Since graduating and serving as faculty for IUPS, I continue to be moved by the quality of students that make their way to the University. Of course, there is that intellectual passion at the foundation of the work, but there is always a quality of heart that really stands out, of mystery, of engagement, of a deep care for others and for the world. Students at IUPS have usually been through quite a lot in their lives - professionally and personally - and are seeking a graduate degree in the second half of life, which as Jung reminds us, is more oriented in listening to and responding to the Self, to what matters most, to purpose and vocation, rather than merely to the persona and the influences of the collective. I appreciate the type of student that makes their way to IUPS and the maturity, compassion, and curiosity that they arrive with, such qualities that really bring the mentoring process alive." 


- Matt Licata, Ph.D. Transpersonal Psychology (IUPS)

  Author, A Healing Space: Befriending Ourselves in Difficult TimesThe Path Is Everywhere: Uncovering the Jewels Hidden Within You



When I enrolled in IUPS, I expected that having a doctorate would change my life for the better in many ways, mostly in terms of how the outside world would look at me — and it has! What I did not expect is how profoundly my life changed internally. I have undergone a transformation. Before my degree, I always relied on what others had to say and paraphrased to suit my taste.  Since doing the original research and becoming an expert in my field, I now am my own source of information. I have a confidence that is founded on solid reality. Hardly a day that goes by where I don’t have a moment of gratitude for the opportunity I have had to study and pursue a degree at IUPS.” 

  - Patti Taylor, Ph.D. Transpersonal Psychology (IUPS)




“The graduate program offered at IUPS allowed me to customize my course of study to fit my individual interests, and the flexibility of the program fit well into my existing work schedule and commitments. The dissertation process was more than a completion of a significant milestone in my life — it was a very deep rite of passage that helped me experience a profound connection to my inner self and the contribution I am making to the evolution of human consciousness.” 

  - Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D. Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies (IUPS)
    Founder of Heroic Journey Consulting

    Author, Work as a Heroic Journey: Using the Workplace to Evolve Your Character and

    ConsciousnessRemoving Your Mask: No More Hiding from Your Truth, The Heroic Path the     

    Self-Forgiveness: Change Your Story, Change Your Life





My dissertation work led to a therapy for treating addictions, alcoholism, and eating disorders, and I have reported on this work at various professional conferences. As part of this work, I developed a protocol for teaching emotion regulation (Affect Management Skills Training, AMST), and two months after getting the Ph.D. I signed a contract with Norton to write a book detailing AMST skills. I now have a business giving workshops to teach AMST and therapy derived from it. I look forward to mentoring students at IUPS so that I can give back what IUPS and Dr. Katz have given to me.

  - John Omaha, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology & Transpersonal Psychology (IUPS)      
    Author, Psychotherapeutic Interventions for Emotion Regulation: EMDR and Bilateral Stimulation for Affect Management


"I have been a teaching assistant and professor at several universities, both on-site and online.

My experience as a mentor at IUPS has been unique. I greatly enjoyed the one-on-one relationship

with the individual I was mentoring, and the opportunity to spend quality time with him discussing the

coursework as well as the content and expression of his ideas. This is a wonderful new type of

university that benefits both the student and the mentor."

- Ellie Schamber, Ph.D.

"After completing my MA, I felt I needed a University where I could  continue to explore Consciousness not only academically, but which also honoured insights into human consciousness based on the student’s inner experiences. IUPS not only allowed this, but encouraged me in my explorations. The open structure of the program also permitted me to undertake courses of my choice, including a course in embryology. Based on this, I was then  able to really spread my wings during my thesis by investigating the connection between consciousness, soul, somatogenesis and the heart. I thank my mentor Dr. Inula Martinkat who stood beside me while I went through this “birthing process”.  It was a wonderful and enriching experience. Unravelling the secrets of the heart is an ongoing process which I continue to explore today through journal articles based on my dissertation."


"I am in the Universe is a scientific reality.

The universe is within me is a spiritual experience

I am the universe is a mystical reality.” ~Srinivas Arka


- Tina Lindhard, Ph.D. Consciousness Studies (IUPS)

   President CCAEspaña

   CICA: Chair of Consciousness Research






My experience with this institution was SUPERB! I absolutely loved and enjoyed the flexibility and innovation of its independent study structure. IUPS staff was always helpful with answering any questions and providing assistance. I felt supported throughout the duration of this rigorous process. My mentor, Dr. Lloyd J. Thomas, was a Godsend. We had some of my life’s most enriching and insightful conversations where he encouraged, challenged, and supported me, unwaveringly, every step of the way. I left every conversation thinking, “THIS is how learning is supposed to be!”

At the end of the day, this journey was not about what I sought to get, but rather what I intended to GIVE. I am forever grateful to Dr. Irv Katz, Dr. Inula Martinkat, and the rest of the Academic Committee for the gracious honor of accepting my unique contribution to the field of professional coaching and human development. Four years of training and certifications, including two years of research, all culminated in the completion of my highest level of academic achievement with this fine institution.

A question I will forever ponder is, “What is next for Dr. Frederick C. Sanders—uninterrupted?” I now plan to spend my remaining time in this physical life generating the answers with greater vision, grace, and ease.

Thank you, IUPS!"

- Frederick Sanders, Ph.D. Professional Coaching and Human Development (IUPS)







"Studying at IUPS was an amazing experience. Everything from the admission process to submitting my dissertation- including the design of the study program, the mentor I was assigned, the many questions that were addressed- all of it was great. I have not only learnt a lot but also felt inspired, motivated, supported, and encouraged both as a professional and as a person. I am grateful to IUPS for such an amazing experience!"

- Celeste Carrillo, Ph.D. Somatic and Spiritual Psychology (IUPS)



"Having just completed my doctoral studies at IUPS in Coaching and Human Development, I have to say that it was a joyful ride, playing in the sandbox of research, coaching, learning, stretching, creating an original work, building on the ideations of others, and on which coaching field can continue to build. I would not have chosen differently. Everyone at IUPS-from the Academic Committee, academic staff, and mentor, were amazingly supportive, responsive, compassionate, rigorous in the best way, and faithful to the commitment to excellence in the work, and to my individual desire and topic to expand the work. From start to finish, it has been a transformative journey, and I will always be grateful for IUPS’ framework, mission, and execution of that mission on behalf of all of us who wish to grow and stretch and study and learn and give back to the world, to the end that there may be more evolution, more peace, more alignment, more joy, as we navigate the opportunities and challenges of life and, especially as we see the power of coaching in facilitating that in the world. Many thanks, again. And glory to the powers that be for allowing me this opportunity. If you’re on the fence, lean in to your calling!"

- Karen Trifiletti, Ph.D. Professional Coaching and Human Development (IUPS)

"I wanted to express my admiration and appreciation for the incredible value I have been receiving through the mentorship of Dr. Randyl Rupar. I have enjoyed everything I have learned so far in my studies and meetings. I wanted to share how thankful I am to have been connected with such an incredible human being. It has been an awakening experience to say the least. I never imagined this amount of value I’d be receiving in this program. This gesture of praise is a small token of thanks for the priceless wisdom I have been gifted so far. I am excited and full of gratitude for the days and experiences to come."

- Angela Rainey, active M.A./Ph.D. student in Holistic Psychology (IUPS)

"Looking back on the last 5 years in researching, writing and completing the PhD thesis, I’m most grateful for the personal growth I experienced while having the dual benefit of clarifying my method of healing – both in my own mind, and out in the world. I always wanted to be a doctor, and have had the sense from the earliest years that I would invent something in this world which truly benefits humanity. Now, this is happening. With all of the assistance and encouragement that IUPS’s Chancellor Irv Katz has given me throughout this process, I feel I now truly have a clear means of communicating this unique multi-dimensional approach of
healing to many who can now understand its simplicity and effectiveness. I feel honored to have achieved the title of “Doctor” I’ve wanted all my life, and now I feel ready, able and willing to serve the evolution of our species with this gift I have to share. Thank you all for being behind me, and believing in me enough to inspire me to be and become all I can be in making my fullest contribution to humanity ~ and claiming my destiny."

- Gary Wohlman, Ph.D. Transpersonal Psychology and Expressive Arts (IUPS)




"As an IUPS Instructor, I marvel at the wonderful opportunities the school offers. I have witnessed

my candidates growth and brilliance as they blossom from your program and curriculums."

- Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Ph.D.

  President of the International Hypnosis Federation





"ONLY such a university could have allowed the knowledge I sought out to be extracted and brought to fruition. I was able to collate knowledge from three distinct medical disciplines, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western medicine, and use this to develop, test and implement new protocols of disease treatment at my natural medicine clinic, and create positive health outcomes in real patients. I have been singularly successful in treating multiple sclerosis and the blinding disease glaucoma. Since my graduation, my glaucoma treatment has been tested on animals at Westmont University, Santa Barbara, CA and one of its mechanisms of action has been discovered. While the IUPS method of study is not necessarily effective for all students, it is certainly without peer for self-directed thinkers. In specialized, unique and/or esoteric fields of study such as my own, it allows new and potentially groundbreaking knowledge to emerge for the benefit of humanity. The IUPS method is able to facilitate, for lack of a better phrase, “hidden genius” to flower and take its rightful place in the world."

- Alan TiIlotson, Ph.D. Integrative Health Sciences (IUPS)

"I valued working at my own pace, and having the ability the delve deeper into subject areas that I was particularly interested in. I also loved how the direction of the course was catered around where I wanted to go with what I learned, and that I was given the opportunity to academically approach a subject that is typically not found in your average university!"


- Louise van der Eijk, Ph.D. Consciousness Studies (IUPS)




"The Ph.D., program in Expressive Arts Therapy at IUPS provided me with in-depth knowledge and a solid foundation in the expressive arts. This knowledge allowed me to integrate multi modal expressive arts and a multisensory language instruction program to teach students and adults with learning disabilities. I will be forever gratefully for all the support and encouragement that I received from student advisor Inula Martinkat Ph.D, my mentor Alessandra Colfi, Ph.D., and the University Chancellor Dr. Irv S. Katz."


- Terry Connolly, Ph.D. Expressive Arts Therapy (IUPS)

"Rarely can we find an organization that listens, says yes, opens the door, and then celebrates your flight... IUPS is indeed a rare find. I am flying and exploring an unchartered creative life because IUPS believed in my vision too!"

- Vali Hawkins Mitchell, M.A. Expressive Arts Therapy (IUPS)



“As the owner, director, and main trainer of a school of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I did not have the time to pursue a conventional PhD program. In IUPS I found a university that has the highest academic standards and depth, programs that can be customized to the student’s individual interests, ample and relevant guidance for students, and flexibility about scheduling and time requirements. IUPS provided a mentor to guide me through the graduate course work and doctoral dissertation. This personalized attention and the customized program, as well as the flexibility to go at a pace that worked with my busy professional schedule, was perfect for me. The work on my dissertation has led to a book that is now a best seller. I highly recommend IUPS.”


- Carl Buchheit, Ph.D. Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies (IUPS)

  Co-Author, Transformational NLP: A New Psychology


"Inula, I am preparing to head to Key West at the end of the month to a Yoga and Wellness festival where I have been asked to present the Consciousness of Energy Medicine and introduce my new book, Conscious Love. FINALLY I am ready to claim my stage. I was re-reading my dissertation on Energy Medicine and wanted to tell you once again how honored I am to have worked with you on this amazing project. You were the perfect mentor for me and the whole experience will always offer cherished memories. Looking back, it was such a profound growing period for me and I will be forever grateful. I have blossomed thanks to IUPS." 

- Jyl Auxter-Kern, M.A./Ph.D. Consciousness Studies (IUPS)


"I began this journey with the International University of Professional Studies (IUPS) after a lifetime of traditional education.  Even though I had attained bachelors, masters and post-master’s degrees, all from prestigious institutions, I felt unfulfilled.  With each new degree I would think to myself, “This time I will be intellectually challenged and stretched to grow and grapple with difficult concepts.”  And each time I was disillusioned with the lack of freedom to think for myself, synthesize, theorize, and create my own work.  I felt I was being put through a factory with thousands of students having gone before me, and thousands who would come after, all learning the same things, one after another; like statues from the same mold who would go out in the world and replicate and reinforce the status quo.  

When I found IUPS, I was thrilled. This has been the academic journey I have always craved and I will be forever grateful to IUPS for the opportunity to learn, to really think and struggle, to read and reread material with the freedom to come to my own conclusions about what was meant.

I wish to thank Irv Katz, PhD and Inula Martinkat, PhD for their support and encouragement along this joyous path of discovery.  I am a different person thanks to their vision of what true education can be.

Finally, I find it difficult to express my most sincere gratitude for the honor to be mentored by Mali Burgess, PhD.  For over three years, she has gently guided me first through unlearning the regimented processes of traditional education, which left me constantly seeking her validation and direction. I needed deadlines and hard and fast rules.  I was nearly paralyzed without constant direction and explicit instructions. However, with her gentle and steady spirit, she would ask me questions that would help me learn to think for myself and as time went on, I became an independent learner—almost like a child who was simply curious about the world and how it worked and couldn’t wait to find out! Within the first year of studying under Dr. Burgess, I found a passage that described her perfectly.  I have had it taped to my wall above my computer ever since as a reminder of the woman I want to emulate."

Therefore, the Master acts without doing anything and teaches without saying anything.
Things arise and she lets them come.
Things disappear and she lets them go.
She has but does not possess, acts but does not expect.
When her work is done, she forgets it. 
That is why her work will last forever.
~ Author Unknown

- Lori Hood, Ph.D. Organizational Development and Transformation (IUPS)

"I was just thinking the other day how grateful I am for my time at IUPS. My work with IUPS (and Lloyd) has been such a catalyst to what I'm doing today. IUPS really was such an incredible platform for me. It provided the perfect amount of structure and academic guidance for what I wanted to accomplish, while also allowing my own creative interests to have the space to come to the surface. I'm just so grateful for this! IUPS was truly the perfect platform for how I learn, for my particular interests in spirituality and science, and with the right guidance and structure to set me on the path to all I wanted to do and was capable of creating in the world.

Since graduating, I've published my dissertation as a book sold on Amazon, I am working as an executive coach and leadership development consultant for several tech companies in San Francisco (including a contract with 1/2 dozen execs at Google X), I have co-founded and developed the iConscious Human Development model and Guided Self Assessment with a colleague, am an integral part of the Loving AI project with the role of designing developmental dialogue, am teaching the Evolution of Consciousness and Human Development for John F. Kennedy University's Masters program, and am co-founder of a start-up company combining all that I know about professional coaching, human development and the evolution of consciousness, and it's application with artificial intelligence.

Every now and then I'm just reminded of how much IUPS has had an impact on where I am today. I just wanted to take a pause and say thank you, again, for all IUPS has done and provided as an integral part of where I have come."


- Carol Griggs, Ph.D. Professional Coaching and Human Development (IUPS)






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"I thought my academic career was finished when I completed my undergraduate degree in 2002. Experiencing total burnout from school, I was not interested in anyone’s post-graduate programs. Nearly two decades later, I discovered IUPS and everything in my world shook!

I enrolled in IUPS at a time in my life when I vowed to myself to be the fullest, highest expression of Frederick C. Sanders—uninterrupted. Ultimately, I chose IUPS because the institution offered the experiential learning program that most aligned with me, my values, and my deep desire for learning and mastery in the field of coaching. Also, I was not interested in participating in any programs that were highly politicized in their processes and methods. The horror stories I had heard over the years concerning “doctoral hazing” were real. My instinct told me I would not experience that with IUPS. My instinct was correct.

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