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Sheila McKinnon-Oke Ph.D., MSW, RSW, graduated from IUPS with a Doctorate in Organizational Development and Transformation. Dr. McKinnon-Oke also holds a Masters of Social Work (MSW) and a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degrees from the University of Calgary, Alberta, a Certificate in Criminology from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Political Science from Queen’s University, the latter two which she completed by Distance Education studies.

Dr. McKinnon-Oke has been involved in providing organizational management and transformation, program design, implementation and evaluation and clinical social work services to clients for over 30 years. Her practice areas include not-for-profit organizations, youth, offenders, caregivers, seniors and multicultural groups. She has several years experience providing pro-bono consulting services to not-for-profit organizations including organizational restructuring; strategic planning; resource management, including human and financial; and consultation with the organization’s staff and Boards of Directors. Dr. McKinnon-Oke also has experience working within the community in the areas of community development, social planning, social policy, government liaison, and program development.


Dr. McKinnon-Oke has worked in the field of Adult Education for several years. She has designed and instructed semester courses in the faculties of Law and Security, Business Management and Human Resources and has designed numerous educational programs for a variety of client groups as well as for-profit and not-for- profit organizations. Her PhD dissertation was a critical analysis of Canadian and international accelerated diploma programs within the adult- education system. She currently teaches at the Dalhousie School of Social Work, Dalhousie University, in their online Distance Education program.


Dr. McKinnon-Oke also has experience in corporate and not-for- profit management having run several for-profit and not-for-profit organizations including her own for-profit businesses. Currently Dr. McKinnon-Oke is engaged in private practice providing psychotherapy services to a variety of client groups. Her company’s services have also included providing in-home services to clients residing within the community which included a pediatric, youth, adult, palliative, and geriatric caseload as well as providing Social Work services to several Long-Term Care Facilities.


Dr. McKinnon-Oke believes in giving back to the community and has a long history of volunteerism within the community including providing pro-bono consulting services to not-for-profit organizations; as an active member of the Board of Directors of several provincial Social Work associations; acting as a volunteer mentor with provincial Social Work organizations; and providing counseling services to a variety of client groups, just to name a few.

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