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Grievance Process

Should you become dissatisfied with the actions of the faculty or administration related to University policies, procedures or standards, you will be expected to abide by the following process in pursuing a formal grievance:


1. Informal Dialogue and Negotiation

You are expected to first attempt to work out minor problems or disagreements through communication and informal negotiation directly with the individuals involved. You should send a letter to the appropriate individuals clearly outlining the nature of the disagreement, giving the full history. Keep copies of all communications and essential documents in case University intervention becomes necessary.


2. Administrative Intervention

After having first made every effort to negotiate in earnest,  if you continue to be dissatisfied with the ways things are progressing, you are asked to address a formal letter to the University President, clearly presenting the facts as you know them, requesting administrative intervention to resolve the situation. Send copies of this letter to all parties directly involved in the dispute. The University President will assess the situation to determine the applicable policies and whether the policies have been rightfully and fairly applied. Every endeavor will be made to resolve the conflict to the satisfaction of all parties.


3. Formal Mediation

Should you remain unhappy with the situation following the process of administrative intervention, the unresolved dispute or disagreement should be dealt with through formal mediation by one or more administrators of IUPS, or by other person or persons acceptable by both parties.


4. Cost of Mediation

The student and the University administration shall share equally any costs of the processes of mediation.

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