Student Handbook Introduction

We recognize that pursuing a University degree can be one of the most rewarding, interesting and worthwhile projects that a person can undertake in his or her adult life. We are pleased that you have chosen International University of Professional Studies (IUPS), and we will do all that we can to make your experience relevant and rewarding. We rely upon you, as a mature self-directed adult, to fulfill the academic responsibilities within an agreed-upon time frame, to maintain communications with the faculty and the university administration, and to participate fully in one of the most exciting, innovative educational processes available today: individualized mentor-based distance education. This handbook is intended to facilitate that process and answer many of the questions you may have about the way our model of education works.


Communicating With Us

Should you have further questions or concerns, email or telephone us. Our main address is:
P.O. Box 236
Makawao, HI 96768


You can also reach us by phone at (808) 573-7722
Our EFax number is (413) 641-3272

You can reach us by E-mail at:

 Individualized Distance Education

Through electronic and print media, students have the opportunity to pursue a variety of studies that may not be available otherwise. Employing advanced distance learning technology, education centers are able to broadcast instructional programs to thousands, making specialized programs affordable and accessible to a wide audience. However, distance education programs designed for mass audiences, by their very nature, present a narrow educational focus, lose the ability to personalize a student's program, and have inadequate feedback mechanisms to answer student questions on important issues. IUPS specializes in developing a program that is just right for your unique path.

As an IUPS graduate student, you enjoy considerable flexibility in scheduling academic work around your personal and professional obligations. You are able to select as your mentor a highly qualified faculty member to guide your studies, affording you the communication and support necessary for your instruction and participation. You have the unique opportunity to participate in the design and organization of your course of study, and to address your specific career goals and interests in that design. 


You have elected to participate in the IUPS student-centered method, a system that allows you to integrate your daily experiences and achievements with your degree program. We encourage you to utilize your home, community and work site as learning laboratories that contribute to earning your degree. 

The Student Maturity Factor

Our version of distance education is most successful with mature students who are motivated self-starters, capable of pursuing their studies in a self-paced, unsupervised manner. Our instructional methods are designed for students who already have some measure of knowledge and experience in their chosen field of study. Our academic style requires that the burden fall strongly upon the student to maintain communication and make the necessary academic progress. 

As an IUPS student, it is important that you collaborate with your faculty mentor in arranging a reasonable timetable for completion. Our methods require that you maintain your engagement with the process, establish and keep your own study schedules, set aside time for reflection and integration of new information, and keep your mentor and the University apprised of your progress on a regular basis. 


Of course you are not expected to learn in a vacuum. The necessity for feedback requires you to discuss new learning with your mentor, prepare academic papers for review, and integrate your learning into daily activities, allowing your environment to challenge your new understandings. As an IUPS student, you are encouraged to make full use of the University resources, to build a network of colleagues starting with your mentor, and to continue your association with the University as an alumnus once you have completed your studies.