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Dr. Vinson Di Santo D.O., Ph.D., CCN, CAFCI, BBEI, was born in Philadelphia and attended Widener University where he graduated with a major in Biology and a minor in Engineering.  He continued his graduate studies there in Systems Engineering before moving on to receive a medical degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

Early formation of his medical philosophy began as a high school junior when he was drawn to the study of psychosomatics and homeostatic disruption brought about by prolonged stress (psychological, sociological, and physical).  These studies were reinforced during his attendance at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science through the University of Pennsylvania during his junior and senior year of high school.  Further philosophical development took place as a college freshman with the attraction to ecological principles of integrated systems and cause and effect relationships.

While in medical school, Dr. Di Santo studied Japanese philosophy and Macrobiotics through the East-West foundation in Philadelphia, was an active member in the Theosophical Society and studied Economics through New York State University.

Dr. Vinson Di Santo is a Board Certified Family Practice Physician, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and the associated complementary / integrative disciplines.  He is also certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Bau Biology Environmental inspection (environmental medicine specialist), Chelation Therapy, Functional Medicine and Bariatric Medicine.  

Dr. Di Santo continues to practice both conventional and alternative medicine and is an active board member and practicing medical executive for several national healthcare delivery organizations and private consultant.


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