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IUPS Certificate of Participation Programs

No better time to engage yourself in new areas of study! IUPS is now offering Certificate Programs to any individual interested in dynamic online learning processes – available 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Those who complete the program will receive a Certificate from IUPS, a leader in distance-learning since 1988.

We are currently offering Hawaii residents a FREE course of your choosing! 

($50 regular price) 

Read about our current offerings below and sign up NOW!



Phoenix Rising Yoga: Meditation in Motion

A Four Part Series

with Alessandra Colfi, PhD, RYT-200, ZIN®


The phoenix is a mythological figure which symbolizes heroic rebirth, renewed strength, vitality, and power - present in each person and supported by the community - to rise through and above extremely challenging circumstances. Yoga supports individuals’ wholeness and resilience, specifically to bounce back from a life-altering journey like grief, or a cancer diagnosis, treatments, surgeries, physical and mental side effects, and offers practical tools and gentle guidance to meet the unique needs of people affected by cancer.

Yoga is known to reduce fatigue and stress (cortisol levels), calm the mind, ease pain, alleviate depression, and improve overall Quality of Life.

"Because suffering is impermanent, that is why we can transform it.  Because happiness is impermanent, that is why we have to nourish it." Thich Nhat Hanh, 2014

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will safely and mindfully practice yoga and meditation to relax, restore, awaken their own body/mind awareness, and bring mindful focus to the day’s activities.

  • Students will practice guided breathing techniques, safe asanas synchronized with the breath, postural alignment, and integrate them safely in their personal practice to support their well-being and healing. Students will immediately start noticing benefits and changes.

  • Students will recognize evidence-based research using Yoga in many domains of human experience.

Over two hours of video content!


Dr. Colfi holds a B.A. in Linguistics, a Master’s in Fine Art, a Doctorate degree in Expressive Arts Therapy.  She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), Certified Be Well Yoga for Cancer Recovery and Yoga for Back Care, and a licensed Zumba Instructor (ZIN®). Dr. Colfi is a faculty member and Director of Expressive Arts Therapy Department at International University of Professional Studies. She facilitates Expressive Arts Therapy programs at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, UC San Diego Centers for Integrative Health; she collaborates with The HeartWay providing a focused program to assist individuals process their grief.  Her whole person-centered approach is

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compassionate, uplifting, and draws from many different traditions and modalities like meditation, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), guided visualization and relaxation techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Pranayama (breathwork), and includes community resources.  Member of San Diego Cancer Research Institute, International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, Yoga Alliance, Advisory Board at MiraCosta College Kinesiology Department, Consciousness and Healing Initiative, Arts Health Network Canada.  Dr. Colfi has been using the creative arts and their therapeutic qualities for over 20 years in private and clinical settings assisting oncology patients and their families, Veterans, teens, and individuals experiencing grief.  In 2014 she received the San Diego Cancer Research Institute Award of Excellence for contributing to improving the quality of life of cancer patients in San Diego County.

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All Students: Please email us at to register

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For over 40 years, Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Instructor, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD has helped clients, trained hypnotists and taught self-hypnosis at schools, colleges, universities and hospitals. President of the International Hypnosis Federation and She has received three “lifetime achievement awards.” (310) 541-4844

Shelley photo.png

Self-Hypnosis: A Three Part Series

with Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Ph.D.


  • Part One: Master your Mind as a Master Mind - Trance experiences (Rapid Inductions and Deepening Made Easy)

  • Part Two: Enlist Your Higher Self for Health, Comfort, Money and Joy

  • Part Three: Master Mind tips and tricks to overcome limits, bad habits, lose weight, pass the test, reach goals, be your best and avoid stress.


Over an hour of video content!

In this hands-on highly experiential class, you will learn to consciously use self-hypnosis to make your thoughts, dreams and goals serve you best. You will experience three delightful and enhancing sessions on-line as you sit back and relax in the privacy of your own home.


Over eight million people will use self-hypnosis today! Self-hypnosis is part of being human.

This hands-on, Level One self-hypnosis “Master Your Mind as a Master Mind” class teaches you to consciously hypnotize yourself in less than thirty seconds so you think the way you want to think and stop thinking when you want to stop thinking. Taught by world-class hypnosis expert, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas-Nicholas, PhD, President of the International Hypnosis Federation.


This Step-by-step Self-Hypnosis Training INCLUDES How to:

  • Create happiness, wellness, self-esteem and success with Self-hypnosis

  • Release Stress and Limits

  • Get high with your Higher Self

  • Quick fixes with auto-suggestion


What people say:

“WOW! What an informative, helpful and fun class!”

“I proved to myself that hypnosis is not only based on compelling scientific studies; It has real life applications to my life.”


“The best class ever! Now I know I can do almost anything I focus my thoughts upon!”

In Carl Jung’s words: “Until you make your unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you’ll call it fate.”



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All Students: Please email us at to register

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Shamanic and Ecological Medicine:

Nature as Healer, a Three Part Series

with Connie Grauds, Ph.D.(c), MNPA, RPh


Examine the ways of the shaman and the ways that science demonstrates the key bottom line fact… nature heals.


  • Part 1: Shamanic Medicine…healing spirits of nature

  • Part 2: Nature as Healer…the science and spirit

  • Part 3: Ecological Medicine…healing in relationship with environment


Over an hour of video content!


The shaman sees the spirit of what nature brings to heal body, mind spirit. Science is now

recognizing and researching the power of various elements of nature that bring health and

wellness. In this 3-part series, we will examine the ways of the shaman and the ways that

science demonstrates the key bottom line fact…nature heals.


Shamanism is the oldest known spiritual practice still in existence today, its practices dating

back 30,000 years. It is part of a nature-based belief system called animism. Animism is the

belief that spirit resides in all things, and as such all things are sacred. 

In a shaman’s world view, everything is energy, and for them the word spirit and energy

have the exact same meaning. Indigenous knowledge often includes a great deal of practical

insight about everything of the natural world, for instance, how to use plants for medicine. Their ways of understanding the natural world mix with spiritual and highly meaningful beliefs. The way plants and animals communicate with us and with each other is also understood through this mind-body spirit-reality mix.


Connie is a pharmacist and is completing her doctorate in Integrated Health Sciences. She is President of the Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists, Adjunct Faculty of University of Minnesota and Center for Spirituality and Healing. With a Master’s Degree in non-profit public administration, Connie serves as Chief Operating Officer for the International University of Professional Studies ( Connie’s inspired life has spanned 25 years of experience with the indigenous healing practices of the Amazon. Connie is author of several books, including Amazon Speaks–as goes the Amazon so do we all, Jungle Medicine–from medicine to magic, The Energy Prescription–a remedy for energy and vitality, and others.

She facilitates “writing from the wild within” virtual writing workshops ( 

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All Students: Please email us at to register

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